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Europe’s Dirty Little Secret

2015. július 27. - Kevin Jackson

The Greek Parliament has just passed two laws that will enact the stringent reforms that its creditors have demanded. This has now paved the way for them to request a three-year bailout package worth up to 86 billion Euros. While Greece previously wanted to avoid any further involvement by the IMF…


Divided Houses

2015. július 21. - Kevin Jackson

When Abraham Lincoln accepted his nomination for state senator of Illinois back in 1858, he famously said, “A house divided against itself cannot stand.” While Lincoln was referring to the situation with slavery that was ripping the United States apart at the time, his words ring true for…


Monetary Giant with Many Fiscal Dwarfs

2015. július 14. - Kevin Jackson

Martin Feldstein is currently an economics professor at Harvard and was formerly the chief economic advisor to President Ronald Reagan. In addition to his long list of achievements, Feldstein has been arguing against the creation of the European Union long before it ever happened. In an article that…


European Competitiveness?

2015. július 07. - Kevin Jackson

The Greek people have just voted convincingly to reject the austerity package proposed by the leaders of the European Union. Their logic is that they want to be the ones who decide what spending cuts to make and by how much. On the flip side, the E.U. has been shoveling money and restructuring deals…