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The Future of Europe

2015. június 29. - Kevin Jackson

It was just announced that Greece failed to strike a deal with its international lenders to secure badly needed funding. As a result, capital controls will be put into place and Greek banks will be shut this week. While Greece continues to dominate the headlines, it is really just a symptom of a…


Leadership Litmus Test Scoring

2015. június 22. - Kevin Jackson

I established the Leadership Litmus Test to identify the key attributes that great business leaders must have to be successful. For the past ten weeks, I have given out awards to CEOs that best exemplify each of these important qualities. A summary of these awards is the following: Honesty: Stephen…


Sense of Humor Award: Tim Cook

2015. június 16. - Kevin Jackson

Abraham Lincoln was well known for his sense of humor. During the famous Lincoln-Douglas debates, when Douglas accused Lincoln of being two faced he replied, “Honestly, if I were two-faced, would I be showing you this one?” Lincoln was not the most attractive man and his ability to laugh about…


The Talent Management Award: Carlos Ghosn

2015. június 08. - Kevin Jackson

Rather than hand out an award for delegation, I have chosen to create one for talent management instead. Companies of all sizes have always faced the tough challenge of attracting, developing, and retaining talent. Today, talent development has reached a whole new level, as successful business…


The Creative Award: Kevin Plank

2015. június 02. - Kevin Jackson

It is not a secret to most people that Nike and Adidas dominate the global athletic footwear and apparel space. What is a secret for most people is that Under Armour is rapidly building its global brand through creativity and innovation and steadily taking market share away from both Nike and…