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The Focus Award: Carlos Brito

2015. május 26. - Kevin Jackson

Brazilian born Carlos Brito is the CEO of AB Inbev and has played a significant role in the transformation of the entire global beer industry. Some say Brito looks like he works in a hardware store, as he likes to wear jeans with his shirt tucked in. He is a no frills guy who does not believe in…


Inspiration Award: Tony Hsieh

2015. május 19. - Kevin Jackson

When Nick Swinmurn went shoe shopping in 1998, he was simply looking for the right pair of shoes. After a frustrating experience of going store to store and not finding what he wanted, he created At the time, most people could not imagine buying shoes online and thought the idea was…


The Communication Award: Sir Richard Branson

2015. május 12. - Kevin Jackson

In 1968, Richard Branson dropped out of school to start a magazine called “Student” to give students voice against the Vietnam War. Today, Sir Richard Branson heads the Virgin Group that includes more than 400 companies ranging from commercial spaceflights to healthcare. He is widely known as…


The Accountability Award: Howard Schultz

2015. május 04. - Kevin Jackson

Howard Schultz stepped down as the CEO of Starbucks in 2000 when business was booming. While he stayed on as the Chairman of the Board, he did not fully realise the depth of the crisis at Starbucks until 2008 as its shares plunged by more than 50%. Due to the financial crisis and competitive market…