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Technology Super Bowl

2014. december 28. - Kevin Jackson

Christmas 2014 is now in the history books and the eyes of the world look to 2015. While the Super Bowl for American football is scheduled for February 1st, 2015, the Super Bowl for technology is just a few days away. The Consumer Electronics Show (CES) will kick off in Las Vegas on January 6th and…


Christmas in the Moment

2014. december 24. - Kevin Jackson

The ability to multitask is a celebrated trait. The explosion of “smart”, connected devices allow us to instantly respond to our fast moving world. I often feel quite empowered by my ability to watch TV, surf the Internet, email, and text all at the same time. Perhaps I am rapidly evolving into…


Your Gift is in the Email

2014. december 22. - Kevin Jackson

A few days ago, I noticed an article from Wired Magazine that read, “NASA just emailed a wrench to space.” While I have received thousands of emails with attachments during my lifetime, I am certain that no one has ever tried to email me a wrench. How is this possible? As it turns out, the…