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Technology Super Bowl

2014. december 28. - Kevin Jackson

Christmas 2014 is now in the history books and the eyes of the world look to 2015. While the Super Bowl for American football is scheduled for February 1st, 2015, the Super Bowl for technology is just a few days away. The Consumer Electronics Show (CES) will kick off in Las Vegas on January 6th and offers a sneak preview to the latest innovations that will be making their way to the marketplace within the next year.

According to John Curran, Accenture’s Managing Director for Communications, Media, and Technology, the Internet of Things (IoT) will take center stage in 2015 as smart devices communicate with each other in real time over global networks. The “always” connected consumer will drive all sorts of innovations that will enhance the user experience both visually and contextually. One such innovation is the rise of the “phablet”, which represents the goldilocks fusion of the smart phone and the tablet. The evolution of this mobile device, along with faster global networks, is now accelerating innovations in IoT across a variety of industries.

Expect to see the “connected car” as a headline coming out of the CES 2015. Automakers that have been asleep at the wheel for the last decade, are now allowing drivers to connect their smart devices to their cars. This connection can be used for anything from receiving performance or maintenance updates about your car to sharing your apps and services directly to your car’s onboard screen. Taking this one step further, companies like Nuance are creating solutions to enable the “connected life”, which means that you can talk to your refrigerator in the same way as a family member. Sounds creepy? Perhaps, but this now reality and no longer a sci-fi film. Check out the following link and see for yourself: (

It seems the changes year over year are getting bigger and bigger for consumer electronics. While having a robot running your household maybe a few years away, controlling your car and house with your smart device is not. We are truly living in a connected world and the IoT is the trendy way of describing the next big thing.

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