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What's New With Poo?

2014. november 28. - Kevin Jackson

When I saw the headline about a bus that runs on “poo”, I was sure that it must be a joke. As it turns out, the poo bus is not a joke and is now shuttling people back and forth from Bristol Airport to Bath City Center. Once one gets past the word “poo”, then the technology speaks for itself…


Back to Future Predictions

2014. november 24. - Kevin Jackson

I guess a few of us are old enough to remember the 1989 film, “Back to the Future Part II,” where Doc Brown takes Marty McFly to the year 2015 so that he can prevent his kids from making terrible mistakes. The world in 2015 in this film is full of flying cars, robots, and the famous hover board.…


Print Your Own Makeup

2014. november 20. - Kevin Jackson

What if you could have a printer in your home that would allow you to print your own lipstick, eye shadow, blush, nail polish, and brow powder? Sound crazy? Not to thirty-year-old Grace Choi, who has created a printer called Mink. While Grace never lacked the talent or credentials, she could not…


Retail 2.0

2014. november 16. - Kevin Jackson

Welcome to the Corvinus Executive MBA Blog. In this blog, I will be touching on areas that are transforming how we live and work such as robotics, artificial intelligence, Internet of Things (IoT), big data, e-commerce and m-commerce, iBeacons, mobile payment, augmented reality, virtual reality,…